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Train horn

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I know y'all are gonna make fun of me for this but I am gonna red neck out on this. Building two of these for my truck.

Here is the link for material list if you haven't seen it before.

PVC Train Horn build -

Will post pics when I get the project done.
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hahah i remember in high school, 10 years ago, everyone had those on and we would roll by starbucks and scare the living dog sh*t outta people hahaha good times.
Hell yeah. Building two this weekend.
I've got a old junk air compressor with two small tanks I've thought about doing my own as well.
Do it brother so I am not the only one here necking it out.
I had a chevy truck long time ago I put air horns on and a tank in the box. Filled it at service stations, lots of toots in a tank. A woman backed up in town and hit my bumper and I laid on it till the tank was empty. I think she was more careful after that.
Do it brother so I am not the only one here necking it out.
Where are you mounting the tank and compressor?
That is awesome man. As for the tank and compressor not sure. I was thinking about buying bags for the back with the compressor system that is when I got the idea of building those horns. Was planning on running an electric solenoid from the actual horn so it would a really clean install. And then having 2-4 of them inside of the front bumper. Should be awesome.
Yea I just don't want the tanks/compressor in the bed looks tacky to me and takes up valuable space.
Yup. I agree.
Years ago ( late 90's -early 2000's ), train horns were a big trend on all trucks , especially those that competed in truck shows ( I'm talking big trucks ... KW, PETE'S, SHAKERS ect ). The chrome shops sold the chrome 3 trumpet knock offs. They were ok but nowhere near the real deal of a true set off a train ( 3 and 5 trumpets ). IIRC, finding a set of NATHAN and LESLIE air chimes were the ones to get! I had 2 sets of LESLIE's. 1 had 3 trumpets, the other had 5.

Sold the 5 but kept the 3. Even the 3 with 120psi going through would drain my air tank FAST! The 5 trumpet, required another air tank to be mounted. I think they guy who bought them ended up putting two more air tanks on his pete! lol

The trick to making them sound like a train... Having the hand regulated valve! :thumbsup:
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Sweet. Thanks for the info.
We used to put these beside the driver seat on floor ( incognito ). Pull the valve up and WHAM!!!!

But these may be better for a pick up fitment wise,

I've heard of guys letting them go on a unsuspecting vehicle at night coming up to a set of railways tracks ( no crossing lights on or arms down ), and i heard that all you see are headlights damn near being put into the pavement from brakes being hit HARD! :hehe:

I couldn't do that though. That's a bit much. I too would [email protected] my pants if i was the unsuspecting vehicle. Then i would be more .... :buttkick: :spank: and not so much of ....:hehe: :rof
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OMG. Well I don't want to kill anybody just want to honk at prius's right before putting a bunch of black smoke on em.
OMG. Well I don't want to kill anybody just want to honk at prius's right before putting a bunch of black smoke on em.
I agree of it on the prius though ( not the railway tracks ) but black smoke and a burst of "air". lol
Make sure you post up a video when you get them installed..
Will do brother. Was gonna try to build em this weekend but the honey do list was out of control. So it is on the docket for next weekend.
Once you get them on and installed, your gonna have fun! I know some guys like to use the polished aluminum tanks ( air ) off pete's. Could mount 1 or 2 in the box and it would look good.
I'm continually amused by the hostility based on choice of vehicle...

I drive everything from a Prius to a 22,000lb 6x6, to a glorified tricycle (try not to laugh - I've had it over 55mph). No matter what I'm in, it attracts negative comments from people driving other types of vehicles.

The 6x6 gets comments like "Wasteful. I'm sure it only get 2mpg." No, actually I got 13mpg driving from Houston to Tulsa, and average 9mpg around town with a lot of idling... "what do you haul with it?" Mostly picnic supplies :). Took it to the park on Veterans Day and people thought it was an official display. They were posing in front of it for pictures.

The dodge provokes comments of "Why do you need a pickup like that?" Um, because it's safe, hauls anything I need to haul, lasts practically forever, and is a blast to drive...

The Catrike gets comments from the roadies of "for old people, or people with disabilities. Too slow." Those comments usually cease when they can't get rid of me from behind them and then I pass them UPHILL.

Granted, the Prius is easy to laugh at. It truly is little more than a golfcart. But dragging it back and forth to work keeps wear and tear off the Dodge, and keeps fuel costs down.

Anyway, I'm amused...

Back on the topic of train horns, I'm tempted to put some on the 5ton. It has airhorns already. I'm assuming all I'd need to change would be the valves and the trumpet thingies?
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a word of caution. if you ever use the train horn in moving traffic. be prepared to have to stop short.....real short.
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