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Trailer axle brakes?

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Ok I am able to get a really good deal on an 18ft beaver tail car hauler brand new. I am going to be towing a 05 ford explorer sport trac loaded up from alaska to maryland. The thing that I was wondering was the trailer only has brakes on 1 axle is this normal? Do you think I will be fine with that set up driving through the mountian passes and such?
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It will be ok. most trailer manufactures build them that way. Like every time you haul a trailer you need to use good judgement on loading and driving. Hope everything goes great on your trip. Then you can convert the other axle to brakes so you can have a great trailer
Then you can convert the other axle to brakes so you can have a great trailer
I was thinking that too, what would it take to convert the other axles with breaks? Can I just get the breaks complete then wire them?
Thanks for your reply
Yes all you need is to put on the backing plate with brakes and a new drum. I do not understand why they do not do that when they make them.
Thanks for your help. I just called the guy (he is picking up a load of trailers and bringing them up here) and for an extra $100 I can get brakes on both axles!!
Do it. As stated above, I don't know why manufactures make a trailer with only 1 brake axle. Even my homemade little 1 car trailer (1200lbs empty) that's got a 16' deck has brakes on both axles. I wouldn't have it without them. For the money, it's a great thing to have. Especially for the safety!
Wow that is cheap.:hyper::beer
One more vote for the additional brakes. For $100 you get a little peace of mind and some insurance to go with it. Hopefully it won't make a difference but stuff happens. As far a why thy don't put brakes on all axles - There must be no requirments to do so and they can advertise a lower price.
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