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Trading for an older truck

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I've owned this truck all of three weeks and I already want an older, simpler truck. I know there are work arounds for the emissions. I just don't see the need for this overly complex machine they produced.

I owned an '01 H.O. for 7 years. I had touched just about everything on that truck, either during maintenance or while modding it. Then I decided to trade it away last year :doh:

I had hoped this '08 would replace it. I love the auto tranny, the first one I ever bought for myself, and the e-brake.

While changing the fuel filter today, and spilling the contents all over the frame and front axle, I called that truck names I never uttered at my '01.

I got online and found an '05 QC 6 speed and managed to work a deal. Considering what I'd spend in time and money deleting the EPA garbage on this truck I'll break even.

Maybe in a few years someone will have a stand alone controller for the 68RFE tranny that I can swap into my '05.

Has anyone else traded back? What keeps you guys in these trucks, that need so much removed before you're back to what the trucks had a few years ago? I love the torque numbers I'm seeing in the modded trucks, but truthfully I don't see myself getting that crazy with this truck. I don't want to spend the bucks on the tranny upgrades, when they are available.