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Traded in the Ecoboost

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I traded in my F150 Ecoboost for a 2013 Ram 2500 Cummins Crewcab long bed. Last month I learned that the Ecoboost is a Consumer Reports "worst buy" and that it should be avoided due to maintenance issues, mostly condensation in the intercooler. The 5.5' bed also pissed me off. I tow a fair amount as seen here:

Towing double is legal where I used to live, Louisiana, and where I now live, Texas.

I just got out of the Army after six years and now work for Alcoa in Point Comfort, TX. I bought myself a commuter car and decided that it was time to upgrade the truck. It was actually spontaneous last Saturday. I know that Ford trucks are overpriced so I asked myself if I could get a Cummins for less than the Ecoboost. The answer was yes (accounting for interest, sum of all payments). I know that maintenance costs will be higher, fuel is more expensive, but this Diesel will be a better price per mile when towing. My Ecoboost got 8-9mpg when towing an empty 24x8.5' enclosed v-nose car hauler, and about the same when towing the pictured above. I love straight sixes. My Jeep is a 4.7L I6. I bored and stroked it myself and that's how I learned to rebuild an engine.

One complaint about this truck is that even with nearly double the torque of the Ecoboost it feels a bit sluggish. Maybe I need to drive it some more to calibrate the butt-dyno, I have only driven 30 miles (commuter car, remember?)
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My 2006 never felt slow....but it felt a little sluggish off the line at times. A low hp programmer (not that I would put it on a 2013 and void my warranty) can really wake up the truck off the line. I'd agree with the others though, you will get used to it and it will really wake up with more load on the truck.
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