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tractor pulls in rankin

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any of yall headin that way come the end of the month? think its on a friday night if i can remember right. the 27th.
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are they pullin trucks?
are they pullin trucks?
Is there a list anywhere for the "stock" truck pulls? I can find all kinds events for the professional diesel truck pulls. Which is great but I want to pull my street truck. After all who wants to watch when you can join in the fun. thanks
We are having a pull up here in Cambridge on June 29th. There is a stock class and a 2.8 street diesel class. The Search for Power: 2008

For more stock pulls check out Illini State Pullers
Excellent! Thanks for the info. My gf wanted to go do some shopping. I said thats fine I am spending the weekend with the mistress (aka my truck)!

What are the costs for the drag stip, dyno runs, sled pulls?
nah, i think it is just tractors, semis, and gas trucks there
well, leaving mid day tomorrow due to no ac. if you see a truck with tn plates, give me a shout.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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