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so im about to grab my 4th trackbar on my truck since new. Shes got about 100k on her. The 285s are eating them in like 15k miles, and im about to go to 315's. Im not going to deal with the POS spicer and etc ones anymore.

What do you guys think is my best bet? Im going with a 2'' leveling kit, so it would need to be adjustable. Should i go with the 3rd gen mount and get a 3rd gen adj bar? Get a Thuren adj that uses stock mounting location?

Im almost thinking of getting the 3rd gen mount, taking my old trackbar, cutting off the ball joint, centering the axle, measuring it, welding a 3rd gen bushing on it, sleeving and welding it and calling it good.


I jsut dont feel like blowing 500 on a freaking trackbar setup...
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