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track bar

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I have a adjustable track bar from sphon performance. After 2k miles its worn out and clunking. Any ideas for another aftermarket track bar? I just blew 350 on this one.
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Is that a 3rd gen conversion one? If not, I'd get a 3rd gen conversion setup. It by far, made the biggest handling/steering difference on my truck (this includes wheel bearings, ball joints, new ballistic joint control arms, and a way wore out tie rod end). I got mine from titan machine, you can find him on other diesel sites his phone # is 937-408-8845. His set up runs what you paid for the track bar, but includes the 3rd gen conversion bracket and an adj track bar with heim joint at the axle end. The 3rd gen setup is so much better because it mounts both the frame and the axle ends in double shear with stiff bushings instead of a floppy ball joint.
Yikes! the track bar snapped off at the heim joint? What company is this and what was the thread/bar diameter size where it snapped off at? Was it at a weld? I've put about 5k on mine so far (which really isn't anything next to my 400k toyota....) and absolutely no issues.
OK, looked it up for like a total of 25min!!! It kinda looks like sphon performance bars are a little chincey and the heim joint looks smaller that what I've got. The one I got, you have to adjust before you put it in (pita I know) but the threaded part is huge and the jam nut is huge. The frame end of the bar is all 1 piece. Only the heim can be adjusted for length. I read on one website where the thickness of the sphon bar leaves a little to be desired. Between that and your buddies truck I'd take them off and replace with a stouter design/company.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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