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tps or bad wireing on '99

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I've got a 99 ctd with auto trans and recently its been seeming to go in and out of overdrive at about 40-50 mph, I dont think its the od cause it does it still when out of OD and sometimes in second. I have replaced the tpps about 2 years ago and the map sensor then 3 months a new trans. the map sensor seemed it was the problem originally cus it was frozen. any way I was looking on ebay for a new tps/bellcrank sensor and came across a guy selling wireing plans to repair something on the truck that seems to be exactly what I described. maybe a grounding issue?? anyone have any thoughts on what this fix might be or what problem I might be having. I have a scan gauge2 and it sometimes seems like the tps values at around 13 jump up and down but not sure if its the tps or a wire problem. thanks!!
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I had the same problem for a long while. I been fighting this for years. This is how I fixed it. No more problems!
mine did that an believe it or not all i did was clean my battery terminals an i havent had the problem since hope this helps
hey bucket truck I cant get that link to work, is it somewhere on the cummins forum?? thanks Curt
I agree with 01dodge mine started doing it about 2 weeks after I bought it. Clean the battery terminals and not a problem since.
thanks gang I bought the little ferrite clips and cleaned the grime off the batterys and today everything was like new what a freakin cool deal. dodge wanted five hundred bucks for the f-ing tps sensor and a couple hrs labor. funny thing is they probally know it cuz when you go and replace the tps you would disconnect the Batts and most liklely clean'em and put the new tps in an bingo good as new, its a shame it just needed a bit of tlc on the batterys to make it good. oh well it is made in america what else can I say... thanks for saving me some $$$$
Your welcome! I'm glad we were able to help out!
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