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I've done tons of reading just want to get some input.
The 08 6.7 w/ adjustable pedals takes a 2010 p/n accelerator pedal. I chased my tail for weeks to find the right part. At this time its $200 at Oreilly. Hope that helps someone.

Issue: started as P2121, 2122 and 2127. Inspection of harness showed some real hoakey repair just about on the connector. I fixed that last night and now I'm left with a P2121 that appeared again this morning. However I had no change in throttle response at all, finally.

I dont believe it is software related because this truck has had this tuning on it for almost a year with zero issue.

Suggestion on what to check now?
I cannot find the harness through the firewall, i believe it may be on top of the inner fender so i will get to that this weekend.
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