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TPS Issue?

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Hey guys,

Love this site! Lots of great info that has helped me with my 1st gen. Thank you to all who contribute! Having an issue that I'm scratching my head on, hoping you guys can point me in the right direction.

I've been having trouble with OD- it's been going in and out of OD a lot lately. Doesn't make people too happy on the highway to suddenly drop 7-10 mph without braking! I was thinking the TPS is the problem from what I've seen on here. I tested it this weekend, and everything checks out- voltage is where it should be. It increases with the throttle as well like it should. However, when I check the PCM codes, I do get a code 24, which says the TPS is shorted or open. Thought it was strange that it would test OK but the PCM says it isn't. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
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Pull the plug off the PCM. The harness is tight for the terminals on that end of the plug. I have found the terminals out of round and not making contact properly. Use a very small screw drive and bend the terminal back to round. Then use some electrical dialetic grease in the terminal itself.
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You could also end all your OD problems with.... 1st/2nd Generation Dodge TPS Delete Kit *91.5-98 12v* [DNR] - $42.00 : Zen Cart!, The Art of E-commerce

After re-calibrating my tps several times a week to keep it shifting and having it kick me out of OD at 140km/h passing a semi, i finally said enough. Dodge wanted $380 for a new one which is a little ridiculous in my mind, the tps delete was one of the best things i've installed in my 92, allows you to pick the shift point and only $42, cant go wrong with it! :thumbsup:
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Thanks guys- I will check the PCM contacts first.

The TPS delete looks interesting, but how does it work with punching the throttle? Just wondering how it works with downshifting.

I had looked into the TPS from the chrysler vans if it needed replacement, but my multimeter is saying it is ok! Just wondering why my PCM isn't getting the word.
Just wondering why my PCM isn't getting the word.
A bad connections some where. Look the pins over in the TPS to harness connection. I haven't seen the pins round out back at the main harness connections.

My bet is TPS connection or PCM.
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