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TPMS and 35s

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Hello All,
For those of you who have a 2013 Ram with 35s, how do you deal with the TPMS system? Mine freaks out now at completely stock. Do you guys live with the light on and the flashing LCD screen? Or do you buy new sensors? The service rep at my RAM dealer said there is no way to switch off the TPMS system.

Thanks ya'll
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What pressures are you running that's making it freak out?
What pressures are you running that's making it freak out?
I run the heavy load right now. Doing a lot of wood hauling along with daily driving. Fronts are 60 and rear are 75. But if my tires drop to 70 the system goes crazy.
What happens if you switch it to Low Tire Pressure?

I'm only running 55 in the fronts and 45 in the rears (unloaded and not towing) and in the Low setting I don't get any warnings.
But I'd have to fill up every time wouldn't I?
x2 what are you running that's triggering it? I'm running 65/Front and 45/Rear with no towing/hauling and i don't get any warnings. The light load button just tells the computer that you're running lower pressures in the rear and to not trigger any warnings. You don't have to actually let the tire pressure down..
I suspect user error. I too have zero issues with the TPMS. Also running 55 front 42 rear.
So all of you are running the Light Load setting I see. Maybe I'll drop it down to that.
Just push the "light load" button...
mine are in light load setting and my tires are at 53-60 depending on outside air temps. no issues with the system
You should never need to push the button under normal circumstances. Set your pressure, push the button and then don't mess with it. Yes, if your pressure drops, you'll need to air up. But you should do that on any vehicle. If you want to run light load, drop to approximately 45 (no lower) before you hit the button or it'll get mad. But don't switch back and forth.

If you want to switch back and forth, don't screw with the button, just leave on light load and air up/down. The light load will not cause an issue even if you have 70 PSI. I drove a while in that config after getting my new tires installed because the installer ignored the truck's sticker for whatever reason.

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Anyone know what the lowest pressures you can run front and rear in the light load setting before getting a warning light?
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