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Toyo and Atturo: decision time

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New tires will need to be going on my truck probably within the next month. I've got some quotes to have them put on for both Toyo Open Country MT in 295/70/17 and Atturo Trail Blades in 35/70/17.

The Atturos are over $200 cheaper for the whole job, but I like the Toyo's size option for a tire that's bigger than 33 and smaller than 35. What I'd like to get is some feedback on is the longevity of either of these tires. Information is readily available on the Toyos, but my reading leads me to know that they'll last between 13,000 and 100,000 miles which didn't help me any. So I figured I'd still ask what you've all gotten out of them as well as find insight on the Atturos if anyone has experience with those. They are a very similar design as the Toyos. For general info, I drive about 25,000 miles a year and don't want to fear having to be putting new tires on again next November. Ultimately, I'll use the feedback from fellow forum members here to figure out what I'm going to do, so all help is appreciated.
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Thanks for the responses. I'm trying to see how much mileage I will get out of both the Toyo and Atturo tires. I will most likely go with the Toyos or even reconsider an all-terrain, but if I can get good mileage out of the Toyo's they'll get the call.
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