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Towing question

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I have to pick up a small Cletrac Dozer that weighs 9,000 lbs. the 14k rated tiltbed equipment trailer weighs 3,000 lbs.

My truck is an 02 Auto, 4x4, quad cab long bed, 3.54 gears, all stock.

Am I crazy to drive from the Bay Area Ca with an empty trailer to Clovis, New Mexico? About 1,300 miles one way. I figure I might be able able to get 350-400 miles per tank, filling up 9 times round trip.

Can these trucks handle it? I realize I'm probably on the too heavy side of what the truck is rated for.

Still cheaper than hiring the job out on Uship if I do it myself.
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If all is in good shape all should be fine. Take it easy. Use OD off loaded or any up hill empty with trailer. Take your time. Change all fluids first and carry extra. You should get about 12-15mpg on flat towing.
Tire size? Factory sizes are best.
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