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Towing/Payload Minimized - Biggest BS Story Encountered

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I have become much more cognizant of the weight ratings of all trucks since picking up my 2013. (Amazed how often I pushed my F150 past its rated limits) Since I am switching over from a Class C RV to Tow vehicle/5th wheel I have been searching new and used trailer web sites. What stunned me is the number of people, dealers, etc... willing to minimize the capability of the vehicle need to tow/carry what they were selling. I get its buyer beware, but some cases are unbelievable.

What I was curious to know was what other examples of "its Ok to tow with xxxxx" had the group run into. Here's an example on ebay right now. Lance truck trailer. The 920 has a base weight of 3400lbs before options, liquids and passenger load. Its shown on an F350 dually. A potential buyer asks if a 2500 can carry it and the seller says "Yes". There's no way a 2500 can carry this. I was just a bit outraged over it.
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.Don't know if I understand what you're asking, but most of the time, someone could pull into an RV lot with a 1/2 ton or 3/4 ton, wanting to purchase a 5er that they don't know that much about and a lot of times a salesperson will tell them, "sure you can tow it"....When a lot of the times, there truck will be pushed to it's limits, and more than likely, overloaded. It's all about the sale, and those who aren't educated about the numbers or understand the equation of matching a truck to what it's towing can end up having some very unhappy towing experiences. It's been rare over the years that RV salespeople have told people that, "your don't have enough truck to tow that, look for something lighter"....I have seen it, BUT, again, it's rare...

I've been towing steady since 1975'....towed pop-up's, HiLo, TT's and 5er's. Mostly in the mountains of WV, TN, NC, SC and VA...a lot of mountainous, curvy roads, and the heavier the 5er, the more truck you really need to have.

What I hate to see is when "empty" or "dry" weights of the 5er or "dry" pin weight is used to entice someone to believe their truck will be able to handle a 5er....No one tows empty or dry...It's best to use the 5er's GVW for worse case scenario, in case you DO load it close to can also use a "rule of thumb", figuring approx. 20% of 5er's GVW will be close to the pin weight one put's in the bed of their truck... not alway's true, but pretty close in most cases I've seen.

A lot of campers I talk to tend to ignore them, it's "just a number", and to a point, it is true, though, my own personal opinion on this is if the designer and manufacturer of the truck recommends not loading a truck to "X" amount of weight, I'm going to tend to go that route....No I know buffers are built in:doh:, but at what point does one start pushing the wear on one's suspension, tranny, or other components on one's truck? Most now a day's use the trucks RAWR (rear axle weight rating)...My trucks GVWR is 14,000#, RAWR is I could really load the truck well over it's GVWR, cut into the RAWR a little and still probably be ok....but, I'm stupid, and I opt NOT to do that. Figure as much as I paid for the truck, I'm going to try to NOT abuse it and make it last for as long as I can, (at 63, the plan is THIS truck is my retirement truck:)).

All that to say, common sense and simple math can make matching a tow vehicle up with what one is going to tow actually fairly easily.

I would weigh my truck, (as I have), and go from there....Knowing the weight of one's truck, loaded, ready to camp, helps with knowing how much pin weight one can put in their truck. I would also weight my truck with it hitched up to know GCWR and true pin weight...Really good to know weights.

Again, a lot of people DON'T do it the way I do because I DO try to stay within my trucks GVWR, and with a GVWR of 14,000# weight and towing a 5er with a loaded weight of 16,050# (GVW of 16,950), and a pin weight of just a little over 3300#, I'm under my trucks GVWR, well under it's RAWR and WAY under it's GCWR (I have 4:10 rear end, GCWR of 37,500#)...BUT, I may go heavier on a 5er and already have the truck to do it all will be well with the world.
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