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Torque converter on its way out?

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Im not sure if its an actual issue or if its just me over analyzing, but it always seems like my truck is slow to start and i have to mash the pedal everytime i start from a stop just so cars dont pile up behind me, i know its an auto but it seems like it should grab a little harder than that. When im moving and put the pedal to the floor it just spins my rpms up and it takes forever to get going, im not sure if its the converter or what, tell me if im just going crazy
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My 96 used to be the same way I had 2 issues trans was getting weak and torque converter was garbage as well. When you torque converter finally locks and you ease into the throttle does the truck start to stutter? Mine used to stutter until if finally let go. Its a sign that the converter is letting go.
stutter as in you can feel it? Mine just seems like it takes so long to run through my gears. Once i hit 4th its just low as low and i have to really ease into it
Most likely its not TC, but 2nd or 3rd gear start. Limp mode?

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Read this thread. The come back and let us know if your truck is acting like that.
when was the last time you cheaked your oil in tranny, if it smells weird, tranny and/or converter are going out, know the feel
stutter as in you can feel it? Mine just seems like it takes so long to run through my gears. Once i hit 4th its just low as low and i have to really ease into it
When it locks out at 45 mph, if you stomp on it do the rev's go up, or does it accelerate hard?

Sounds like normal stock under fueling when rolling through the gears on take off. A 4k GSK and forward slide plate will change all that! :thumbsup:
If the motor rev's free without accelerating hard when locked out at 45 mph, your converter is slipping.
could be your clutches are burning up, mine did the same thing especially after it sat for a while, had to lay down the throttle to move the truck
I know that if i put it in 1st it takes off quicker. After i take it out today ill pay real close attention to my gauges and ill get right back with you guys
Limp mode.
Stock converter sucks but it looks like you have third gear starts.
If your fluid is red you have no clutch issues. If your have slipping clutches you wouldn't be driving far.
Has your truck had a shift kit installed? Higher line pressure can cause the computer to go into limp mode. That can cause you to take off in 2nd or 3rd gear. I recently installed a DTT voltage regulator to compensate for the higher line pressure that comes with my built transmission. At first I took off in 2nd or 3rd gear. It took at least 1/3 throttle to even creep forward. Normally just letting off the brake allows the truck to go forward. A better ground connection allowed me to take off normally again.

It sounds like you may have excess line pressure or another problem as shown below.

1. Governor Circuit Electrical Fault. 1. Test with DRB® scan tool and repair as required.
2. Valve Body Malfunction. 2. Remove, clean and inspect. Look for sticking 1-2 shift valve, 2-3 shift valve, governor plug or broken springs.
3. Front Servo Piston ed in Bore. 3. Inspect servo and repair as required.
4. Front Band Linkage Malfunction 4. Inspect linkage and look for bind in linkage.
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