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I have been wanting to do it for some time now and I finally got a chance last night to take my truck down to the local 1/8th mile track. I had great time and I also gave most of the people there a good laugh especially when I hit the horns at the line. Well, all but the guy in the Mustang GT beside me that got to see a lot of smoke. It wasn't that I plainly out run him, I think he broke loose and had to get out of it. Anyway, this is the first time I had ran with my first diesel. I built this truck mostly for show and towing purposes. So, it's nothing fast. I just had to share with everyone else how slow my truck really is. Trust me, I need every bit of that 70hp box to make up for the 22.5 conversion.

My first pass I cut a .072 light and went a 11.60 @ 64.45mph.
My last pass was the best, 10.97 @ 64.94mph

Every pass was better than the first as I got a little more comfortable. All in all, I was very pleased and got somewhat of a baseline. Not bad for a big truck and leaving it in 2wd. Also by my last run, the clutch was starting to chirp between gears to which I stopped there.

Thanks, ERIC.
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