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tonneau covers cut to fit with toolbox

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i was wondering if anyone knows of a custom tonneau cover that will fit on my 8' bed with my tool box. my problem that I'm having is i have the 27" weather guard toolbox and i can't find anything to fit other than the snap on ones. i would rather have the slide kind or the flip up kind that sits even with the bed rails as i don't care for the ones that stick up because i think they look cheap.
my local tonneau cover dealer isn't any help.

any help???
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i cut the frame down on my cover to the proper size, then i took the cover to a local tent and tarp company and had them shorten the cover appropriate amount. cost me $25 bucks
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The bakflip just came out with the Bak Box I think. It sounds like it covers all your bases. I would just look over at the bak website to be sure - BAKBox Tonneau Toolbox Overview .
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