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TO SELL OR NOT TO SELL...... please lets hear your input!!!

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Ok, first off this is NOT my first post. I have been on this forum for years but I deleted my old email account and cant recover my password.... :banghead:

Here is the big question. I currently have a 2001 24v with a 5 speed manual that I really enjoy. Nothing done to the truck besides new tranny, SB clutch, AD 165, straight piped with a power puck. Love the sound, drives great, about 175,000 miles. I am looking to do some major upgrades to the suspension and add some power. DO I STICK WITH WHAT I GOT OR MOVE TO A 3RD OR 4THGEN??? I am looking to drop about 15 grand into upgrades to do this right and I am worried it would be a bit of a waste on my 2nd gen when I could pit the money into a better platform from the get go. I know everyone has their preference when it comes to 2nd, 3rd, 4th gens. It has to have a manual transmission because that is what I like to drive, always have, always will.

To make the 2nd gen suspension even comparable some good money has to be spent before anything else, is it worth it just to start with a later model platform??? And all the emission stuff really makes me hesitant on the 4th gens to begin with also....

Do I sell my 24v 5 speed and spend the money on a better starting platform?

Any EDUCATED opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
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Well my first question to you would be, what are you looking for out of the truck? You will never get the $15,000 back out of your 2nd gen. Personally, i love the sound of the old 2nd gens, and i wish i would have hung onto my 12 valve, however the newer trucks will inheretently be more reliable. Less mileage, and upgraded suspension components on the new rigs are great. You also have to consider the emissions garbage. Personally, i would look for a decent 3rd gen....maybe an 06 or early 07 with the 5.9. I am not a huge fan of the new 4th gen trucks but many on here are. If you are looking for a truck to play with, keep what you got. If you are looking for a reliable daily driver, i would consider upgrading to newer...but not NEW to avoid the emissions stuff. Good luck!
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