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To anyone with mitre-cut stacks...

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I'm about to put a stack on my truck, and i really like how the mitre cuts look, but am worried about having to cover up the opening whenever its raining and my truck isn't running. Just wondering what you all do to keep rain out of the exhaust without it being a pain in the :butt: If there's no way around covering it, i may just go with a turnout, but i'd much rather have a mitre cut. Thanks for your input.

And there will be a drain hole in the bottom of the 90, just don't think an 1/8" hole would keep up with Houston rain...
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If You Like The Miter Look Go To A Truck Stop And Buy A Clapper For The Top Of The Stack. Try Not To Get The Soot On The Paint ,will Not Come Off.
We drilled a small hole in the elbow under the truck for the rain to drain out of. We do not cover the stack. Stacks will get soot on your paint, but we have not had any trouble getting it off.
I dont even worry about rain getting in my stacks, Heres why..

1. Do you have any idea how much water it would take for it to make it to the motor ? Several gallons as it would have to go uphill (Up the downpipe) Therefore the exhaust would have to have several gallons in it..

2. I dont really worry about water in the stacks shooting sooty water on my truck, It never has. BUT i have seen a little steam for about 5 seconds...

Im not worried, and Flappers.. Well if you like that look. More power to you. Oh also, Only place i get soot is on my tailgate. And it wipes right off..

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i dunno but i got a set of 5x36"miters complete kit never out of the box, decided not to use them
what you take for them valair, local pickup at your shop, no shipping
i don't worry about the rain either. if you wash your truck at all you will not have any probs.
I bought a stack cover made of real leather for like 18 bucks.. call this women 1 812 589 2736 she can make any size you want and also embroider anything you want it to say like cummins power yada yada. they can also insert magnets in the cover so it wont blow of or it is alot harder to steal.
Rain isnt a huge issue...

After it rains you might get a little bit of sooty water speckled on your truck but i find its not too bad if you leave it idle a bit before driving it after it rains. If ya jump in it and put the smoke pedal to the floor after its been sitting in a rainstorm it will shoot a load of nasty black water all over the truck!
like all these guys stated rain is not a big prob. soot washes right off. only thing that was hard to do was to keep things from melting to the y-pipe in the bed.i would make a cover to go over the will be real happy in the long run!!!
I think Wally at FTEDiesel has a flapper that goes in a mitre and stays pretty much hidden. If you are interested contact Jackthebear3 on the forums here.
i havent had a problem with water gettin in, jus after it rains i jus let the truck idle for about a minute to heat up the stacks and dry them out before jumpin on it.

might get alil bit of blow out on the bed and tailgate but, cleans right off with no problem...
i went and bought two cheap buckets from the dola store and just set them over them wen i park at night or when i think it might rain. Most of the time i forget and it just shoots lil black specs everywhere but dirve down the road and most blow right off. just my .o2
I live in Houston....I have miters....I dont cover them up...NO PROBLEMS!!!!
Coffee cans!
i have had mitre's on for about 3yrs on two different trucks and have never covered them. never had a problem
The stack on my old truck got soot everywhere and had several plastic bags melted to it, but it sure was awesome
The stack on my old truck got soot everywhere and had several plastic bags melted to it, but it sure was awesome
good point, i've had several things melt to my y-pipe.
Hah, i think anyone with a y pipe has stuff melted to it. Ive had mine light stuff on fire a couple times :rof
lol i got some tarp, plastic bottles and several other things mounted to my pipe
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