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Tires on stock lift

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I have stock lift on my truck with 2.5 in leveling kit. Will it clear 35 in tires with 20x12 rims?
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4x4? Can't see on my phone

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Yeah its 4x4

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You'll be fine unless it has mud flaps.
Should be fine I have 33" on a stock lift.

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If you have a big offset you may have to do some trimming
-44 mm offfset with the 20x12

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I have 305/70/16 -32 mm offset 16x10 wheels. Only rub on uneven ground . Just a little. Dont know if that helps you. Stock height no lift. Tires measure 32.7 says cooper

1999 eclb 5spd 351k 142k on 55 block. direct replacement lift pump. all stock
Look better with a lift ;)
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