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Tires for factory wheels?

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I just got my truck and I noticed that the Michelns that are on there are to small and have no tread. They are 265 70 17. I am looking for something with a better look, nice ride, and not noisy like a bobcat driving down the road. What size can I put on the wheels stock with out rubbing.

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285-70-17's work great on mine

my suspension is stock. just put a set of 285-70-17 Cooper Discoverers on mine. fits great, looks great, no noise, no rubbing. I don't think i would go any bigger though.
hey ADAMMORRISON, I am interested in those tires..... how about a pic?

I here you can go 285/75R17 (34X11.5) in Toyo MT. I just got the toyo mt 295/70R17 (33.5X12). Also, these are load E range.
Thanks you have any pics?
I don't have pics since i got them on tuesday. I feel like I've neglected this rig since I purchased it a month ago and haven't taken pictures of er yet. I'll work on getting pictures this weekend. I was thinking about going with that bigger size mentioned above, but what I like about the 295/70's are that they are a half inch wider and are rated for 3970 lbs per tire where the 285/75 MT are narrower and are only rated for 3195 lbs. Even though these tires are only a little larger then stock (I think by 2 inches), it seems to have completely change the stance of the rig.

When I bought my truck I immediately installed a set of Dick Cepek Fun Country II's 33-12.50-17. No rubbing issues at all. These tires are only load range D, so if you tow heavy or haul a lot of weight they may not be for you. I had 50k miles on these tires when I replaced them, but they easily have another 10-15k miles left. Sorry, I never took any pics with that setup.
315/70-17 fill the wheel wells nicely w/o looking stuffed.
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