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tire size for dually.

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I am sure this has been asked a thousand times but.. what are the biggest tires i can run on a 4x4 dually that will be towing frequently? I dont want spacers, so any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Your not going to get much bigger than stock, with out spacers for the rear! A few guy's run 35-37's and still tow daily.
bone stock no spacers the biggest you can get is 265 70 17 thats it but they look way better than the 235s
I have run my 35" dynapro MT's with no spacers and no lift. They rubbed up front at full lock. I threw in a 3" suspension lift shortly after and later on added spacers, but I still towed 20,000 pounds without the spacers for a few months.
on a dually superhawk theres no way you can do a 12.5 wide on the stock rims with no spacer they wont even mount up on a srw yes you can
Ok fellas, I appreciate it. I do have a leveling kit on the front end, but that is all the lift I will run. I appreciate the help. Ram rod, is that the size tires you are running? Thanks :beer
Rram rod, if that is the size you are running, could you post or send me a few pics? Thanks in advance.
i have 285 70 17s with 20 dollar 1/2 inch spacers in the rear. [i know, u don't want spacers]
I appreciate it widehips, but are the spacers very safe to use for towing? I pull cows and a dozer and a track hoe some too. I dont want to have to worry about the spacers coming apart. Thanks
I'm running 305's with a 2" spacer and i haul my other truck, and tractors and never had any problems... Not to say i never will but not as of yet anyways
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