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tire recommendation

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I'm getting the Fuel Krank wheel 20x12 with a -44 offset on my 2012 white dodge 2500 with a 6inch long arm BDS lift kit I'm wondering what tires I should get I don't want to get to small of a tire and I don't want it to stretch. Any ideas?
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Nitto Trail Grapplers 37x13.50x20
37 inch toyo mts personally I wouldn't do 12 inch wheel unless you like a ton of wheel sticking out. 35s looks perfect on 3 inch so 37s will look great on ur 6 inch. I have 9 inch wide wheels on 35X18x12.5 toyos it's perfect width aggressive but not like 3 inches of wheel sticking out. Just something to consider!
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On my third gen I had 37' Toyo MT with a Pure Performance 6". It looked great and the tires were awesome.
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