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Timing rattle or ?

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Im getting a very loud rattle out of my motor, fuel pump, pulleys, valves, timing I cant figure out where exactly it is coming from but it sounds like something is fixing to jump out of the motor! Its way louder then a 5.9 at idle... and at 1,000rpm plus goes away and nice and quiet, under 1,000 starts back up again at WOT runs fine no change in performance :banghead: the truck has 160,000 miles all deletes and no codes. Im running a Edge on PL3 with stock timing. It has been cold lately so I have been plugging it in at night and still does it weather it is cold or not... Do I need some kind of additive for the fuel or ???? Im to the point I don't want to do any damage to whatever is making the noise so I don't even want to drive it! I can also take a video if it would help...? I need some kind of starting point... Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks Guys:thumbsup:
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had your valves adjusted yet? supposed to be done at 150K

I cracked my flex plate on my 03 and it made the same noise you're hearing you'd only hear it at very light throttle, but as soon as it revved up it goes away probably not your problem but I figured I'd throw it out there anyway.

Have you tried to change your edge level to see if that changes/alters the sound?

reclocking the CP3 gear has been known to get rid of a rattle that emanates from the drivers side of the timing cover.
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I havent had the valves adjusted yet, do you have the valve clearance Specs by any chance:confused013:? and I was kind wondering if it might be the CP3 bc it sounds more like a gear rattle/nock not a constant rhythm (if that makes any sense)... I changed the edge and made no difference, If it helps at all it, sounds like it might be coming form around the front of the motor...? :thumbsup:Thanks Shibbyutman for your input:thumbsup:!!!
depending how mechanically inclined you are, check out this thread

Its long and there's a lot of bickering between uneducated idiots, but all the info is there that you should need and I think there may have been a pic or two but I can't remember.

I don't have the specs in front of me, but I could track them down if you don't have luck finding them elsewhere. Let me know :woot:
Would a stuck injector cause this?
if an injector was stuck or sticking you'd have a rotten idle it'd probably smoke a little black at idle and shake so bad your mirrors would move. I'd have to hear it so if you want to hop to that video :whip: :lol4:
Ill get it on here this afternoon... Thanks for all you help
i reclocked my cp3 on my 08 only has 25000, made a huge diff in sound, and i swear it runs a little stronger as well
I think the specs for valve adjustments are on one of the rocker boxes.
The mechanic is saying that the starter is staying engaged... What year starter's will fit and where can I find one?
I did find this for anyone Interested:thumbsup:


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