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Time to Reengineer my emissions system..

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All the parts made it to the border and are getting picked up today, going to put them in tomorrow.

H&S minimaxx with pyro and pillar mount
5'' Flo Pro turbo back with muffler aluminizied
S&B Cold air intake
OD Trans tune with the minimaxx

Hopefully I can get it all in tomorrow. I use the truck as a daily driver and tow about 14k everyweek with it. Tow 7k when not towing the bigger trailer on the weekends.

I thought I seen some guides for installing all this on here before, can't seem to find them now. Does anyone have the links?

And please can people not post about blowing HG's and tranny's.. I've read enough to not be able to sleep I just can't stand this 12-13mpg that im getting empty.. 14-15 on the hwy.
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enjoy...its a night and day difference. report back and let us know how much more you like it....oh and try not to wet your pants lol.
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