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time for twins

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ok guys i dynoed at 435hp and i want more so i am going to jump up to twins. i am going to use my hx35 and then go with a ht3b but i know there is different sizes. what would you guys recommend for a size with some 240 sticks.
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First off your probably gonna need an external gate for that big of sticks and a 35 on top.

Second, a 73-76mm compressor wheel will work good, just make sure to get one with a 22-27cm exhaust housing.
ht3b wont have a wastegate

the wastegate on the hx35 will be somewhat limiting depending on the power your trying to make. In your case with 240s, it may be a little much for the wastegate to handle. The waste gate needs to flow enough of the exhaust gases to keep the 35 from overspooling and to keep the egts down. You could also try a larger exhaust housing for the 35, but that will hurt spool up time as well.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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