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So I have read past threads with no definitive answer. I am getting an off beat tick/tap from the engine when it is slightly warm to operating temperature. It does increase with rpms. It is only audible really from the driver side wheel well.

Couple solutions I have heard where to get valves adjusted (advice from another thread)

I have an acquaintance that is a grad from UTI and did worked at cummins for a short period right out of school and he was quick to tell me it was a hydraulic lifter.

The truck has almost 50k miles on it and only has a XRT 60hp tune with 5'' straight pipe. It does seem like the problem has gotten worse over time but now that I hear it that is all I listen for.

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So you wouldnt mess with anything but check exhaust clamps and the downpipe? Why would I be hearing it from the driverside only?

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