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Thuren 6"

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I have been searching CF for 2 days and can find the answer.

Does anyone have Thuren 6" springs on their 4th gen? If so what was the true net lift? I ideally want 4.5 in of lift. I emailed Don and I'm waiting to hear back. During my searching I found that a 3rd gen's compressed height was actually a 4.5 in gain. If that holds true ill be ordering all necessary components for a Thuren 6" kit. If it raises the front 4.5 then I'll need to raise the back 2" according to the measurements on my new mega cab. By the way how the heck do I update my nonexistent sig?
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I haven't seen a Thuren 6'' system on a 4th gen either. All carli. I deal with Craig all the time from Strapt and they carry all Thuren products and some you can't find on Thurens own site. Call him today and see if he has any pictures he can text you. I believe he heads to mexico tomorrow so.....

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Search the Sig issue as well bit its simple under your profile tabs.

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Got it thank you
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