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Throwing Codes and Inconsisting ticking noise

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P2609: Intake air heater system performance
P0513: Incorrect Immoblizer Key
P0107: Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor Low
P0073: Ambient Temperature Sensor Low

These are the codes my truck are throwin... Are they serious? Tomorrow I'm going to check my wiring and see if anything is loose or any grounds.

Today my truck starting a ticking noise after days after these codes. Drove it 60 miles somewhere and the 60 back it was doing it... thought it was the salt on the road but i'm pretty sure its not. Speed is the only thing that engages it... and it isn't constant... kinda like a ticking noise after you ride a motorcycle and park it. It happens about 55+. I ran my truck it 3rd gear at about 2500 rpms and it didn't do it so thats why i'm sayin its a speed thing... also done it coastin down hill. Kinda sounds like its in the exhaust area in the quad cab part... could be foolin me and be somewhere else...

Sorry for all the recent posts... I'm new to this forum and I;ve only had my truck for 2 weeks n i'm tryin to figure this junk out without takin it to a shop when i know its something simple.... I've also searched and nothing had really helped... just the meanin of the codes...
thanks guys