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Thoughts on Airdog 150 Installation and Performance

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Well, my lift pump was only putting out 2 psi at WOT so after lots of research I decided on an Airdog 150 setup. I now have it installed and operational and thought I'd share my thoughts on this product.

1. Fuel pressure is in the 22-23 psi range at idle and 21+ at WOT. Great!

2. I can't hear it in the cab at all if the doors are closed. Nice...

Sadly, the list of "con's" is quite a bit longer. The last two (in red) are the ones that concern me most.

1. Putting the 3 barbed elbow fittings onto the blue hose simply sucked. Even with some motor oil in the hose and on the barbs it was an absolute bear getting them seated. I ended up needing more fuel line (I mis-measured on the second hose and made it too long) and used some 1/2" hose from NAPA and it worked as I would've expected. The fittings slid in nicely and wouldn't pull out. Not sure why the Airdog hose didn't work that well.

2. The instructions weren't bad, though I think they could've been written a little more clearly with little effort.

3. The draw straw was supposed to be trimmed so that it was only 1/4" from the bottom of the tank. Most people have to trim them. Mine was too short and sits probably 3/4"+ from the bottom.

4. I primed the system, but it still took some effort/time to get it started. I had to work the throttle to get it to start.

5. I pulled out of my driveway with just a hair more than 1/8th of a tank. It died in the street (no fuel pressure). I added another gallon of fuel and managed to barely coast my way into a gas station about a 1/2 mile away. I suspect this is also due to the draw straw simply being too short.

6. Now warm starts often require me to work the throttle to get it fired up.

In my research I didn't read anything about people having these issues, other than some folks have hot start-up issues sometimes. This is a quality product, but has anyone else run into this? I was quite surprised and I'm now concerned how about how "small" my tank is now.

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i got the 100 and the only problem i had was the 90deg barb fittings like you said. but i found putting the fitting in my bench vice i could slide the hose straight down. it was easy like the straight barb fittings.:thumbsup
I am not sure about the hot start issue...Mine is the same as stock upon start up, whether hot or cold.
I didn't have a problem getting the hose on the fittings, but I don't care for the thing mounting by my tailhousing, u-joint. I wish they mounted more like the Fass units, but then again, I like this pump better than my old fass system. It is quiet & smooth with less pressure drop.
FYI, I spoke to John at Holland Court Diesel Performancewhom I bought the pump from (he's been GREAT, by the way!) and he thinks a small air leak may be causing the hot start issue. So I'll work on tightening the fittings a bit more.

Also, he's going to contact Pure Flow about getting me a longer draw straw. Good customer service! :beer

post any mileage or power gains too when you can.
So far mileage seems to be impressive. I'm still showing 20 mpg on my trip computer over the last 100 miles (that's 17 mpg in reality), BUT I'm putting my foot into it a lot now that I can use some throttle! So my mileage hasn't gone down even though I've been driving it like a sports car. I think that's saying something. Once the novelty wears off a bit, I'm hoping to see closer to 20 around town after an intake and exhaust. Still deciding what exhaust to go to (4" or 5", muffler or not).

I'll be towing the Jeep this weekend. I'll be curious how my mileage does on that trip.

I've used a slight bit of heat on the hose as well as oil, seems to make the fittings slide in easier. It's a shame about the draw straw, down with the tank again.

Actually, not only did we try heating the hose, but we even froze the fittings! Those helped marginally, but didn't really make that much of a difference.

i was thinking about getting the airdog soon but your problems scare me... is the airdog 100 easier and more simple whats the horsepower rating difference??
The 150 was likely overkill for me. I think it's primarily for systems in the 550+hp range. I doubt I'll ever push more than 400, but for just $10 more I figured I'd do it.

In retrospect, I think I may have opted for the simpler 100 install.

Tommy i just spoke with Pureflow and the draw straw is going to be sent to you. I found out that 14" is the standard length of the straw so let me know what length yours was:thumbsup

whats the difference on the install.. is there no draw straw on the 100?
Tommy i just spoke with Pureflow and the draw straw is going to be sent to you. I found out that 14" is the standard length of the straw so let me know what length yours was:thumbsup

Thanks, John!! You're the man! :hyper:

I wonder what I should do if mine was 14"? Doesn't everyone mount this tube near the back of the tank on the top, flat section?

whats the difference on the install.. is there no draw straw on the 100?
No draw straw needed for the 100 install on 98.5 to 04 trucks. 04.5 and newer 100's will need the straw due to the the intank pump.

I mounted mine inside of the oem canister, no hole in the tank.

thanks jbarker :thumbsup
You didnt happen to cut your draw straw did you? Ive been seeing someone posting installation instructions on the web that are not correct that calls for you to cut the pick up tube.
No, I test fit it to see how much I'd need to trim and it was nearly an inch too short. So obviously I didn't cut any off. All I did was notch the bottom to prevent any clogging.

my guy Jeff here put one on his this is where he put the straw...

and the pump, personally i would cut the bracket and put it parallel to the frame
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