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Thoughts on 04 3500 cummins

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I just wanted to see what you guys had to say about a 04 3500 quad cab short box 4x2 cummins with 38k miles asking price of 24,995. Vin # is 3D7LA38C64G136103. Debating on getting this or a 1/2 ram with a hemi.

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Hadn't yet seen any feedback I just wanted to bump this up. I know there is a wealth of knowledge here so wanted to see what you all had to say.
You can do better than that. Check craigs list I saw quite a few in there last night that where 4x4 for 1k more and even less.
sounds like the price is a little high

theres a really nice 05 for sale on the forums fro 4k less w/ 4x4
Well it's a decent truck but I went took another look at the lot and they have this 04 quad cab 4x4 long bed with a lift not sure how much, 35's toyos, a matching camper shell with sprayed bedliner. It has 24k miles and they are asking 25,900. It is extremely clean and very well taken care of. I am just unsure on getting the diesel. I've been wanting one for a long time but now that I can possibly get one diesel prices have skyrocketed. So despite ya'lls opinions on these two trucks what about that weighing out getting the diesel or gas. Cause on the same lot they have a 06 hemi larime with I think 30k great shape for 22,500. I don't know, I would enjoy the diesel but affraid I won't be able to afford to drive it. I will check the classifieds here as well, I know there is some on craigslist but I have a suburban that I can't find a buyer for.
Josh, it's not an apple to apple comparison but I picked up an 04' QC LB 2WD Laramie w 15K on it for $20,000.
It's quite literally brand new and still has the leather smell inside. I wasn't looking for a 4 wheel drive at the time so that was a non-issue.

I called my credit union (and checked kelly blue book)and asked what the trade-in value on this truck would be and they said 20,000. That's what I offered, and it's mine.
My thoughts on the gas/diesel thing - prices are down enough right now that your not paying a premium for the cummins like you do when they're brand new. (somthing like 6G's)

The diesel will cost you currently 20% more ($4 vs $5 per gallon in ca. anyway) than gas but the hemi is a gas whore. My Cummins avg's 19.7 mpg handcalculated over the 10,000 mi I've put on it in the last 3 months. That's probably 25-50% better than the hemi. I'll let you manipulate that info however you like.

Good luck on your decision. By the way I love my cummins. I have 0 regrets.
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