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Those with impossible boost this!!

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So after i did my injectors and 5 inch exhuast i had an immeadiate woosh sound...the sound of air pressure. I made a tool (thanks CF!!) to check for leaks and sure enough i heard the hiss. Apparently while moving the grid heater, one of the boost plugs came out.

So if any of you guys cannot find your da$n boost leak but can hear it, check there. I found the boost plug, 3009, sitting up against the fuel lines.

Excuse me as i go and experience what my jammer injectors can really do :peelout
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Excuse me as i go and experience what my jammer injectors can really do :peelout
where exactly are the boost plugs
take your grid heater off, and there will be two plugs on the bottom. They are directly under the terminal.

I am running stage 2's, but i think i'll get some ddp's from coaltrain performance soon. The extra power is too adicting.

Before i fixed the leak the truck wouldnt go past 23-24 psi, i can now hit 32-33psi. The leak was jet engine loud when i got on it. Just with the 24 psi, i already fried the Torque it won't even hold if i accelerate hard. I am not too worried about it as Coaltrain performance has built me a tranny that will go in tuesday.
They are on the bottom side of the heater grid - opposite of where the wiring bolts to the grid.
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