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Thinking of building a boost leak tester?

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I am thinking of building a boost leak tester. It seems this can be done many different ways. Anyone have a good link to a favorite boost leak tester build?

This is one that I like so far.
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Got mine built! I took a few from ideas several internet posts, then bought most of the parts from Home Depot. The large silicone hose needed to fit around the turbo for my 2004.0 truck is 4" diameter. I could not find anything that size at Home Depot, so I bought that on ebay. 4" inch Universal Straight Silicone Hose Coupler Intercooler Pipe Turbo Blue | eBay

It sure is handy to have the air pressure guage and the air inlet valve on the end of 2 ft of vacumn tubing, away from the turbo!
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