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Thermostat change

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My son just called, his 2005 Cummins is leaking coolant somewhere out the front of the engine, dripping on the steering shock on the pass. side. I believe it is the water pump, but I replaced it just a year ago with a NAPA unit. I will have to see it, but where is the thermostat located and what type of gasket does it have? Also, what other antifreeze leak could come from the front pass. side of the engine? We put on the water pump, all new radiator hoses about a year ago.

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It's very likely the rubber hose on the passengers side of the block. Look under the exhaust manifold close to the back of the block. You'll see a short piece of rubber hose that connects 2 metal pipes together. It's got 2 worm screw clamps on it.

You can either try tightening those clamps or, you may have to replace the piece of hose. It's a 7/8" hose and needs to be high temp. You'll need a 3" piece. It's tricky to get replaced but, can be done in your driveway.
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