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Thermostat change

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My son just called, his 2005 Cummins is leaking coolant somewhere out the front of the engine, dripping on the steering shock on the pass. side. I believe it is the water pump, but I replaced it just a year ago with a NAPA unit. I will have to see it, but where is the thermostat located and what type of gasket does it have? Also, what other antifreeze leak could come from the front pass. side of the engine? We put on the water pump, all new radiator hoses about a year ago.

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Did you check the overflow hose and connections? The thermostat has a seal built into it, I believe. (My 04.5 did anyway. I have seen water pumps dump within a year. A small mirror will help you look under the pump to see the source of the leak.

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