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the only place a duramax should be

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check this video out, its just pictures but if you skip around there are some good ones. the proper song for the occasion :popcorn: :lol3:
YouTube - Journey through the Ice
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The parking musta been better:rof:rof:rof:rof:lol3:
People drive out on the ice all the time when ice fishing. Ain't 'no way you'd get me to do it! But, some people do. And sometimes that happens!

Wonder if his insurance rates went up for recieving the "stupid driver award"???!!!!:lol3:
$36,000?! I woulda left it there and told no one about it and used the $36k to buy a new one
WOW that sucks....Duralax or not...Its still someones ride. And to have it at the bottom of a lake would suck.
I like how the tow truck driver drove onto the lake.....
They had an episode of Dirty Jobs getting a truck out from the ice . They didnt do it like that. They used and airbag to float it up. It was pretty cool.

IF you leave your truck at the bottom of the lake you get a huge fine, I dont know how much.
$36,000?! I woulda left it there and told no one about it and used the $36k to buy a new one
that s so funny. but so right.:lol3:
They had to remove it.
It is illegal to dump your trash in the lake.
Thats why you dont but a truck with a salvage title that smells like fish:rof:rof:rof:rof:rof
Well driving your truck into a frozen lake is one way to lower EGTs...:T: Jk that is tough!
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