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The first year...

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Well crew it's been a year since I took the reins of this group of wonderful guys and gals, I'd just like to say thanks to everyone... It's been a great year, meeting new members and getting $hit from some of the older ones. At times having 1-2 meets a week. Lately I know they have slowed down and I'd like to apologize for that. Working graveyard kinda sux, luckily starting on the 1st of April my schedule changes and I'll be putting together more meets again. If anyone has any input good or bad about the last year or the rest of this one and next i'd like to hear it, any ideas for meets and extended gatherings (camping) are more than welcome. If there has been something original someone would like to do for a meet let's hear it... Maybe some hiking, fishing, shooting or four wheeling? I'm always open to new ideas. If there's something we as a group can help with don't hesitate to ask, if Im available I will be the first one there to help. I have learned a lot from everyone. The experiences will stay with me forever, thanks for the great memories, I look forward to serving you for as long as I'm able...

Your President,

P.S Jesse was not here to proof read this....
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10-4 Mr. President you've done a fine job this last year. Seems like all our schedules are getting busier but hopefully since I moved back into mesa I can get more involved!
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