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Copy'd from TDR site just thought Id'e share

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the truck
All the fluids were frozen, the injectors were stuck,

The grid heaters were chilled and the turbo stone-cold,
This weather was frightful if I may be so bold,

The snowdrift was piled sky-high on the hood,
As I tossed to the fire a fresh load of wood,

My good wife and I settled in for some rest
But twas not long-lived, yet perhaps for the best

“What’s that!” I declared with the metal-grinding roar
And no sooner than said came a knock at the door,

I arose from my chair soon to be slumber’s bed
And there on the porch was the Big Man in red!

“I’m stuck” spoke he, “can you give me a pull?”
I said I may be stupid but I ain’t no fool

So I rushed to the truck as I buttoned my flap
I opened the door and threw out my strap

One move and the key was set firm without strife
With a quick turn that Cummins came surging to life!

The rattle and roar of that powerful six
The hot blast of smoke shaking candy cane sticks

The reindeer were nervous and in awe of such might
But they knew that Ol’ Cummins would be saving their night

I eased in the clutch and I dropped her in gear
The T-case in low as I backed her in near

One end to the hitch and the other to sleigh
The tow strap was set as the snow wiped away

He cried out “I’m not sure, cause that old sleigh is heavy
but I trust you, cause I see you’re not driving a Chevy”

I gave her some fuel and four tires did spin
Then they grabbed with the strength of the truck I was in

Ol’ Dodge started smoking and pulling so hard
That I ended up halfway ‘cross my neighbor’s yard

As I backed off the fuel and gave a proud shout
He declared that “No Ford could have pulled that sleigh out!”

He thanked me profusely and the reindeer did bow
To the Mighty Ol’ Cummins, which was idling now

For they knew in their hearts that without this fueled might
That there would be no Christmas this shivering night

He climbed in his seat and with a wave of his hand
Those reindeer lurched forward across the snowed land

“I thank you again my dear newly-found friend
For your hand and your heart kept this night from its end

And later this eve, warm and snug in my lodge
I’ll be thanking the Lord, that you bought a Dodge!”

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Even santa knows "six in a row is the way to go."

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Very cool!! Thanks for sharing.
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