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ok guys iv almost got the truck done its a 1994 12v cummins ill list all the stuff done to it but first i was just wanting to know how much horse power it has just a guess im thinkin around 600-650 just let me know bc i really have no idea how much it has

67mm turbo t4
sent head to headshop and pressure tested my old one and was cracked in 3 places so i got a brand new head
the entire engine has just been rebuilt with 0 miles/new ring head gasket main bearings rod bearing the whole 9 yards
0ring/fire rings
200hp injectors
has star wheel tuned some
19.5* timing
head studs
024 delivary valves
60lb valve springs still havent put those on yet but have them
port and polish
built 5 speed with upraded 5th gear nut
5inch exhaust to dual 5 inch stacks

thats pretty much it but just let me know how many hp/torque u think it has thanks ill have it on the dyno hear in about a month
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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