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I would like to to say thanks to you guys. :yourock: I finally got the exhaust installed on the truck on wednesday and it was just in time for a trip to Mobile AL to see my family. I clocked over 1500 hundred miles since thursday morning. Not one CEL or Code problem to report. I followed Marco's directions to the tee. I even cleaned my MAP sensor. Although mine was really clean to start with. So far on two fill ups I am averaging 21.4 mpg hand calculated and 21.3 mpg hand calculated. Not to mention the sound of the exhaust brake thru the exhaust is totaly freakin awesome..:headbang::headbang: It is like a totally different truck. I currently have it set on sw#3 with the dpf egr turned off. Left all the other revo setttings on the factory default. Not very much smoke,but that suits me just fine. '

Again thanks guys for everything,
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