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TGC Control Arms

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Going to be installing a set of top gun customz control arms this Saturday. If anyone wouldn't mind giving me a hand, I'd appreciate it.

3088 Stewarts Ferry Pike
Mount Juliet, TN 37122

Also, if anyone in the area has an extra cam bolt they want to sell me, I'm having a hard time finding one locally at the dealer since I don't have time to ship it. Snapped the driver side one when trying to remove the lower control arm.


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Not sure if I'll be working or not, but a trick I did when I installed mine was, I parked the truck up hill and attached a rachet strap to each side of the axle up to the front bumper. I just put a little tension on them removed the factory arms, and the ratcheted the axle forward to slip in the new arms...:thumbsup:
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