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Hi all,

I got a small leak under the engine of my 2020 Cummins and will finally take it into a Dodge Ram Dealer on Oct 4 after waiting 45 days for an appointment.
Sure glad it is only leaking few thimble fulls of oil after turning it off each drive. I have driven it about 3000 miles after the leak and only put in a total of
about 2 qts of oil. It has about 26,000 miles on it, so is still under warranty. Hope they will have a vehicle to drive while they are waiting for parts to fix it.
The oil seems to be coming out of the engine pan somewhere. I think they have to lift the entire engine up if it is the main gasket. Hope my dealer has
a competent mechanic that can fix.

Looking forward to following you Cummins discusions.
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