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07 Feb 2014 Marysville, WA - Terminator Engineering, located in Modesto California has agreed to sponsor the

right lane at the 2014 season opening Spring Diesel Nationals at the famed Auto Club Famoso Raceway on March 22nd, 2014.

About Terminator Engineering

The TERMINATOR High Pressure Oil System DOUBLES the capacity of the 7.3 factory high pressure oil pump, ensuring

adequate oil pressure and volume to support all of your power needs. Because two pumps can deliver more oil faster and

maintain the desired pressure without drop-off, upgrading to a TERMINATOR will improve performance at all engine speeds.

Not only will you notice improved throttle response and stronger mid-range, but the typical power drop-off in the upper

RPM range will be gone too! Whether you're towing or racing, your engines performance will benefit from running a


This TERMINATOR HPOS2 kit comes with 2 new (remanufactured) high pressure oil pumps, the Terminator Remote IPR and all

the necessary hardware to complete the installation. With the exception of installing your current IPR, the HPOS2 comes

ready to be bolted in place of your stock pump. Simply install your IPR (or a new one if you wish) and you can start

enjoying the benefits of "Big Oil".


Terminator Engineering
5018 Paradise Road
Modesto, CA 95358

Email - [email protected] or visit the website at
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