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T stat clocking?

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I have an 07.5 6.7 and just had my truck in at the dealer for rapid coolant changes and no heat in truck. They replaced a bad waterpump and put in new collant and bled system. They test drove it anf it ran good. No sooner did i pick it up, it started acting up again. They did head gasket tests and it all came back negative. They also replaced my rad. Cap. Ive put in 3 t stats before this was all done. I thought i read somewhere that the t stat has to be dropped in and turned to a special way?? Ive never heard of this before but could this be a cause of air in system? All my emissions crap is deleted so no issues could happen from that stuff. I just dont get how air is still in the system causing bubbles after truck shuts off in my res. bottle. Any other tests for head gasket brsides a sniffer? Only 117,000 miles on my truck and i dont heavy haul it or beat on it... Any help please