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Swaying when braking help

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searched all over to find this but I couldn't. I have a 01 24v with a 6 inch lift on 37s with 20x14's. Steering has been a big issue for this truck ever since I got it. everything from a broken track bar to a new gear box. Just about everything has been replaced. I have always had a pretty bad sway when braking semi hard. I am not sure if it started after I put the new 37s on it. Before the truck had some worn out 35s. It has new tie rods tie rods ends, new gear box , new track bar and bracket, new sway bar end links, bilstein steering stabilzer, and a steering box stabilizer from previous owner (not sure if its worn out). I am not sure if maybe the worn out bushings on the sway bar itself could be doing it but if anyone has a clue what the sway could be when braking feel free to share. this is basically the last piece to get my steering perfect. thanks :confused013:

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If the steering wheel isnt tugging at your grip trying to pull left and right then its likely the track bar allowing the axle to wander.

But that said, a 6 inch lift means that the factory control arms are well past their limit and aftermarket ones are required if the alignment is to be anywhere near what stock specs call for.
Because if the caster is set too close to zero or too close to negative then the steering will get all kinds of feedback from the tires. This is where death wobble comes from and how steering components are prematurely worn out too. :thumbup:
If you still have the stock control arms on there with a 6 inch lift then absolutely the caster is WAY off and causing all kinds of weird steering feel.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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