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Suspect IPM but would like opinions

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VEHICLE 04 Ram 2500 Diesel 4x4, 6 spd.

I'm at my wits end here. I've been having issues with the HVAC system and frankly I've got other electrical gremlins. The best way, I think, to load this thread would be to list the problems and go from there.

1. Intermittent Fog/Driving Light operation. As it says, they come on, they go off. Even with the switch on, indicator works when the switch is pulled out, however the lights sometimes won't work.

2. Left rear door window will go down, but not up. Motor is ok. I removed door panel and reversed the motor leads and it goes up fine. To keep it from happening, I disconnected the motor. Wouldn't work either way with the left rear door switch. Only from the Drivers controller.

3. Other door windows (Right front, Right rear) will USUALLY not work from their respective switches. All window operation must be done through Drivers door switch control. (Drivers door switch assembly was replaced already after these things started popping up. No change.)

4. Left rear electric door lock inoperative from either driver or front passenger switches. Right rear electric door lock is now exhibiting occasional balkyness.

5. HVAC will not allow selection between dash vents, floor vents, or windshield defrost vents. I suspected busted blend door but when I replaced the blower motor, I reached up and felt the door. It's in place and secure. No binding. (Side note. I Family went on a two week vacation at the end of August and into September. During this vacation, at one point, I noticed the A/C could suddenly be directed by the A/C control knob. This lasted for about 2 minutes. I moved the selector to the defrost/floor position in case it quit again so that I would have defrost for winter and apparently it quit working again before I selected that. It's now stuck on full dash vent. Can't defrost windows now and heading into winter in North Dakota. Not good). I'm aware of various problems that occur with the blend door, and the other doors within the HVAC box and before my vacation, I was leaning in the direction of taking it into a shop and have them dig in. But with that sudden occurrence of it working, I'm not close to convinced anymore that that is the direction to go.

6. About 3 years ago, only once, I noticed that the gauge cluster went dead, came back, went dead, and came back, while I was driving on the highway. Engine didn't even burp but there it is. Has not repeated since.

I was thinking about all these gremlins hiding in the INTEGRATED POWER MODULE under the hood (I use IPM and not TIPM. I understand there is a difference), but I'm not convinced. I guess I'm looking for other ideas.

I've seen the YouTube videos about removing the IPM, busting the tabs, and cracking the box open, soldering wires to bypass circuits and all that, but frankly I'm not the greatest at circuit board repair (and I don't like mickey mouse repairs either). I know my limits. I'm not bad with wrenches, but when it comes to things like I've described here, I'll have surpassed my level of ability.

Anyone got reasonable ideas? How about if it is the IPM, where do I send it to get repaired?

Thanks in advance.
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Thanks gentlemen. Was hoping for some simpler remedies but not my luck. Tracing electric gremlins sucks!
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