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super phat shaft 66

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Is the industrial injection super phat shaft 66 to big for what I have done to my truck found a good deal on one just need to know if it would have to much lag thanks
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theres no way your truck could spool that at all. you need 250+ sticks, headstuds and prolly oring, and maybe a bigger vp
seen a couple trucks on here with 150's and you can adjust your boost control on the turbo up to sixty says on there site its good for 350 to 650 hp got a guy selling one for $550
Wow for that price buy it for sure and try running it. If it's to laggy then you still have it and know what you have to add to make it work. Thts a great turbo
buy it and set it on the shelf tell you have the mods to support it
:agree2: price is too good to let it go by (assuming it is in god shape) but id sit on it till your mods catch up...that is a fairly large turbo
Holy hell you better snatch that thing up. That's an incredible price! Make sure it's in good shape though.
its only got 30,000 miles on it came off a common rail trucki
is it possible to twin it with my hx 35 or is that turbo to small for that set up
I'd keep it a single. That's a big turbo.
Run it as a single with some 200+ sticks.
i drive out of town way to much to do 200's that would kill my fuel mileage
I would run something smaller then. But I would still buy it to sell it and make a little money.
ive got the remedy...ditch the mudder tires and replace with some at's, pop on the 66 and 200's and youll prob be getting better mileage than you were before...
but really, you CAN get good mileage with 200's....the biggest factor is going to be your right foot
that turbo would be fine with your setup. ive been running my silver 66 which is pretty much the same turbo yet it has a 74mm exducer. the phat shaft has a 71mm exducer which would mean it would spool up faster. my buddy ran a silver 66 with stock injectors and he could spool it just fine. id get it if you can. really good turbo
For that price I would say get it, try it and if you don't like it sell it to fund a smaller turbo or get some more mods going to run it.
Heck if someone were to give me a deal like that I would just try it and see.
I would actually like to try one just to see exactly how hard it would be to spool.
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