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Sun Settin' On So-Cal.. Pics

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Just spent about 2hr's detaling my truck, Got the windows tinted today..

Probably(yea right) the last pictures I'll take of it Silver and that height. Some BIG Plans for it... Stay tuned

BTW Monster VP Stage II + Coaltrain sticks.. That combo will make you pee alittle :rof:thumbsup

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Nice truck! it all works together very well.:thumbsup
hey rusty where you at in san diego, looks like lakeside area??
looks real good
:thumbsup:thumbsup:thumbsup looks great man..
Looks very sharp!:thumbsup
nice looks like you got 20% tints same thing i got a not too long ago looks really good especially at night.
Thanks for the + Comments!!!

Gonna build a 3rd gen bottom end and throw a S400 underneath my Silver 62. Main & Rod studs, + A Cam.. Should be fun :woot::$:
dang thats a purrddy pickup i like the stacks, looks real clean.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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