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if you need a better ride go after the sulastic bushing for the rear spring

after a full year of procrastination and dithering i just this week got my great Dodge back on the road.

things i discovered :

I have a lot of tweaking to do to get it right
i missed my reg cab dodge more than i knew
the dodge is profoundly underpowered compared to the duramax i have been driving.
the new transmission works great except for overdrive which is due to a short in the wire loom

the rear axle needs to be rebuilt

the Sulastic bushings i bought on a whim are fantastic!!

they cushion the road vibrations to an amazing degree such that i cannot see the need for any further improvement .
the only place they get squirmy is on stretches of road where the ruts run in the direction of trave land that may be that i have to tighten the bolts on the springs
if you are looking for a better ride look into the sulastics
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