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Stupid question of the day- How to check error codes on a '06 Automatic

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Well, title says it all. I know how to get the codes off my '05 and my brother's '08 with the key trick but will all the key trickery I can whip up I absolutely not get my dad's '06 to show codes.
I hope his doesn't need a reader to show codes does it? It is an '06 SLT 5.9 auto.
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Keep trying . That is how I do mine .
Cycle the key 3 for my '06
Considering that you can get a code reader that will also reset the CEL for around $20 or $30, why not just buy a tool that will work on any OBD2 vehicle?

John Davies
Spokane WA USA
I wouldn't jump to this conclusions but my buddies 06 wouldn't do this and it was his ECM that was messed up. It had other issues to go along with that from the ECM also

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I found on my 06 auto it takes a few times to get the code. This is mostly due to my old fingers not the ECM..
Thanks for the replies, I absolutely could not get the key trick to work on it. Ended up borrowing a code reader and getting the codes off that way. Nothing too serious just an over boost code 0234 and a battery temp sensor code.
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